Clouds of Analog is the creation of singer/guitarist Robin Younge, a songwriter that embodies his deep and varied influences from Muse to Peter Gabriel and from Meatloaf to Tom Waits.

Using music to heal the wounds of darker times, Younge delves into his past to craft buoyant and brooding anthems based on loss and redemption. Each song invites the listener to share the tension between bleeding and healing. The beauty and energy of his songs, like “Lately” and “Tunnels”, defy the stark and difficult subject matter lurking in the corner.


“Stadium-ready anthemic rock”… “Walls of heavy guitars and keyboards bunker Younge’s pleading vocals that sound at times like U2’s Bono or Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Emotionally stripped, the lyrics are honest and contemplative.”
~ Greg Potter, TV Week Magazine

“This band is just as epic and even more potent live.”
~ Elegwen Ó Maoileóin, Rockstar Weekly

“A beautifully rendered roller coaster of emotion, Younge has a lovely voice, and he uses it to convey weight.”
~ John Lucas, The Georgia Straight